A bit of an update on people that we have…

June 30, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

A bit of an update on people that we have been talking to with the possibility of installing web cams on their sites.

The people from a site that I am very excited about, are coming to Denbury this month or early August. One of the other organisation was the Forestry Commission. Although those who look after the wildlife, liked our suggestions, permission from the organisation would not be given. We are still talking to others who we would hope will join us.

This week we had an email from a site of the U.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Services, part of the email is as follows.

About a 10 acre pond on the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. Teal pond and refuge are major stopovers for migratory birds along the central U.S. flyway in addition to home for residential birds and alligators.

I spoke to one of their Botanist on the phone last evening. We will be putting together the options that are available with the remote location of the site. Good US locations tend to be in isolated areas. We had hoped to have had a camera on a Bald Eagle in Illinois US with a University. Various problems occurred with the location. This new location has satellite broadband and a building nearby with solar powered electricity. So the initial sign are good. It is near Houston Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.

I thought that I saw five Swallow nestlings, I could be wrong and I will look tomorrow. There are definitely four, and I am surprised that there are that many. There were five eggs in the nest. Two were in the nest many weeks back and had thought that the nest had been abandoned, so I moved the camera onto the other nest that fledged last week.