After seeing the posting on the forum about the Blue…

May 26, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

After seeing the posting on the forum about the Blue Tit nest, I phoned the Centre Manager at the Lock of the Lowes site. After the call, he confirmed that the Blue Tits chicks were dead. He had checked the nest earlier, although he had not seen the adult, the chick were alive. He was able to to look back at the recordings that he had. The adult had not returned to the nest to feed the youngsters, since last night. There had been a Sparrow Hawk around at the site, it is believed that it is the culprit.

The Manager at the centre told me that just before I had phoned, the male Osprey had returned to the nest with a large Eel, it was still alive and lashing about, they were concerned at the centre, that the large Eel may hurt the Osprey chicks. Eels have a very interesting start to their their lives, their lives start in the Sargasso Sea. It is not known how the babies called Elvers, manage to find their way to the rivers of the UK, they are so tiny, it is a wonder that they don’t get swept on to the sea shore and eaten by Gulls and other Birds. They also travel across land to get from one water course to another, they are a very interesting creature, they taste great to. I like any type of cooked Eel, but my favorite meal is stewed jellied Eels and mash.

Whilst driving down our drive, scurrying in front of our new holiday quests car, was a Weasel, it would have been close to where I was intending to poison the Rats around the lake, so it is going to give me a problem, of how do I now get rid of the Rats without killing other animals. I had hoped to have got the new IR lamp up today, so that I was able t see what was eating the bread that I put into the trap. My drill that I was using to drill a hole through a 14″ post is not working to well, and I am having to do a little drilling at a time.

Val asked about Lady. Yes Generous is the same Stallion who won the Derby as well as other Group races. The Filly Foal at foot, is by Lucky Owners, a Group one and two race winner and highest earning son on the racetrack of Danehill. Bliss is also Lady’s off spring. Bliss is a three quarter sister of a Group two winner called Captain Hurricane. After mating Lady will be scanned at twenty one days. we will then know if she is in Foal. I should think the Bird you enquired about, would have been a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

GJ, I am sorry if one of your entries did not get posted on the forum. As you can tell by the the entry by Mr Straight Talker. Although I did have to think twice about if I should post it, for obvious reasons. I will never allow email addresses to be posted. I am also reluctant to post a URL of any website, that is a direct competitor to any of those represented on our website. At times, certain issues discussed on the forum, need to be referenced, such as a drug prescribed for a pet, they of course will be allowed.