Any thoughts of a lay in this morning were quickly…

October 28, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Any thoughts of a lay in this morning, were quickly dashed when Willow started to call, letting us know it was breakfast time. There really is no point of the clocks altering twice a year. The animals know when it is feeding time. The Horses and Sheep are waiting by the gate at the times they expect to be fed, the same time as usual. If I fed the Badgers by the clock, they would be long gone thinking that they would not be getting food. I try to stagger the Horses and Sheep feed over a week or so after the clocks alter. This way they are not stressing by the gates.

I don’t think that I have ever told you that there is a stream that runs the whole way through the Farm. The reason it may be of interest to you, is that on the Dog camera, that we mainly show the valley on, the stream runs through the overgrown area in the middle of the field, past the Buzzard pole and the trees in the middle, that some of you made a face of a while ago. That is why the Deer are very often feeding in the overgrown area. There the Deer will find lush feeding, like watercress. They also drink at the stream. We always find Deer footprints in the tree area. The stream is also the main reason that the valley sometimes get a thick mist come down in it. We are very lucky to have a stream like ours on the farm. It helps bring in the wildlife and allows the livestock to drink from it.

When the Tass and Kye are taken for a walk down the valley, you often see them go in to the tree area, this is to get a drink from the stream. It is not a very large stream, on average two foot across and no more than a foot deep. There are a few areas were it may be three foot wide, it get deeper in the Winter and can run very fast. Kye when she goes to get a drink from the stream very often she tries to swim in it. She hasn’t worked out that not all water is the same depth, so she lowers herself down thinking that she will be able to swim like she can in the lake.

We were lucky tonight Sue. Fortunately Tass and Kye must have just been having a roll. We know it when they roll in Fox scent, it horrible and they need to be bathed.

That was a Deer last night Pat, I had been following it earlier in the night and it laid down where you could see the glow. The wire has been run to put up another couple of IR lamps further down the valley so that we are better able to see the wildlife down that end. Mind you if it gets as misty as it has tonight in the valley it will be a waste of time. I saw the mist starting to form as Tass and Kye were ending their walk. We had quite a lot of rain today, then this afternoon a bit of sunshine and now it has got quite chilly. That is why we have the mist this evening. It may go later.