As I said in last night Diary there is no…

October 18, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

As I said in last night Diary, there is no way that Bliss and Misty are going to be ready for the Auction on the 27th of this month, at Doncaster. I must admit, that I really did not want the Fillies to have the trauma of the long journey from Taunton to Doncaster, to then being put in a strange environment, prodded and handled by potential buyers, to be then paraded in front of a large audience. They would like that one bit, let alone being parted from their lifetime friend.

I have been making enquiries into the options of racing the Fillies myself. It has been a waste of time phoning UK trainers, out the six I have phoned, only one has had the decency to get one of his secretaries to phone back, and she needn’t have bothered. Their daily rate was