As much as I do not like taking chances with…

August 6, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

As much as I do not like taking chances with the making of our hay, I don’t think that this year I have much of a choice. The forecast was rain today, but it has stayed dry. It has been dry since last Thursday afternoon, if the weather forecast hadn’t said that we would have had showers, we would have nearly had made our hay by now. What do they pay these people for. Many occupations rely on accurate weather forecasting. We really don’t get it.

We need five or six days to make hay. Checking on the forecast, other than Friday, from tomorrow we have a window of about ten days of no rain or showers. On that forecast we should be alright.

I was speaking to a person from the WWT today about the Kingfisher. I don’t know to much about them. By all accounts they migrate, not very far, maybe to the warmer parts of France and Spain, now and then as far as the Mediterranean. I must admit that I am surprised. You would think that at the speed that the Kingfisher fly they would be unable to travel that far. Crossing the channel seems a very long way. The good new is that they will return next year.

When speaking to the person from the WWT he suggested that with the soil that we have at Denbury, that we should be getting Sand Martins nest here. We could well have them although I have never seen any. Mind you I haven’t been looking for them. I will find out a bit more about them, but I do have a bank that would make an ideal site, that I could try to encourage them to use, in nesting.

I not sure if any of you saw the flock of Geese that landed on the lake about a week ago. I forgot to mention it when I saw them. I counted twenty three. They were swimming around the back of the island, so there is a good chance that I missed a few. What reminded me was that as I was walking around the lake this afternoon, I heard a flock hooting, as they were getting nearer to the lake, The flock flew in as if they were going to land on the lake, but at the last moment, as they were coming in, they changed direction and flew away. I can only think that it was seeing me that made them change their mind. It would have been nice if they had landed and had stayed on the lake for a while.