As you can see Lady and the Filly are back…

June 7, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

As you can see Lady and the Filly are back home. They arrived this afternoon, and looked no worse from the journey from Dorset. I must admit I was pleased to see them. I am not to sure Woody was, for no sooner than she saw Lady and Foal when we put Woody into her stable, she put her ears back, if we had not been there I am sure she would have tried to have bitten her. It is surprising just how much the Filly has grown in the short period that they have been away. You don’t notice their growth rate, when you see them every day. In just over two weeks time we will get the Veterinary in to scan Lady, to make sure that she is in foal. If she is I will try to put the scan photo on the website.

Most of the day we have had to listen to the Ewe Sheep bleating. The pen that the sheep are in, is made from gates. The Sheep cannot get out, but the Lambs can. I not worried about the Lambs being able to get out, as they will return back to the pen to suckle their mothers. Unfortunately the Ewes don’t know that, as soon as the Lambs are out of sight they start bleating. You can imagine the noise when all the Lambs are out. The best part is, that forever how long they are penned in, they never accept that the Lambs will be returning back to them.

As I expected the Ewe and lambs that we were unable to catch last night were laying outside of the pen that the Sheep are in. No way were they going to let me catch them. They ran back to the field, and have been there all day. I don’t think that they will wander off to far, they will probably stay in sight of the other sheep. More than likely they will be laying outside the pen again in the morning. I will let them see that I am not a threat, and maybe I just might catch the Ewe. What I cant make out is that there are three Lambs with the Ewe. For sure she did not give birth to three, and I cant see any Ewe that has been calling for the odd one. It must be that one of the Ewes has rejected her Lamb.