As you have probably noticed we are continually looking for…

May 15, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

As you have probably noticed, we are continually looking for new sites and organisations for which we can host wildlife web cams. With that in mind, today we had a meeting with a representative of The Somerset Wildlife Trust at Fyne Court, a National Trust property, that The Somerset Wildlife Trust manage. It is only a short distance from the farm. If you are ever in the area, it is well worth a visit.

We discussed with the Trust various locations that may be suitable for web cams. Over the next week we plan to visit two of the sites. Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve and Catcott Lows and Catcott Heath that are very close to each other. WestHay Moor on the Somerset Levels and is recognised as one of Britains top bird watching locations. It is often featured in documentaries and BBC’s Springwatch. One of the biggest attractions is the arrival in the Autumn of several million Starlings, that fill the sky as they arrive to roost in the reeds each afternoon, before dusk, Their synchronized display before they roost is breath taking. If we can get an electricity supply and a broadband connection, we could be broadcasting from the site very soon. From the site you get many different types of wildlife throughout the year. This is NOT the site that I have not told you about.

I also made telephone contact with two other organisations that we will be talking to about hosting their web cams, both are very exciting and would make great viewing. One is going to look for potentials sites over the coming days. I will tell you who they are even if we are unsuccessful in attracting them to our site.

Woody had a bad night last night, you may have seen Lady and the Foals moving around their stable and Woody’s legs going in different directions, I just caught the end of it and saw her up, soon after. She got cast, and was unable to get up as she had laid down in an awkward position, she must have been stuck for a while as the walls of her stable were very scuffed. This morning we had to give her pain killers, again you may have seen her walking aimlessly around the field. She eventually laid down. The pain killers did not take to long to work, but she was not on her feet until this afternoon.

The Geese returned to the lake again today, I phoned Rye Harbour to ask what chance there was that the Geese would lay another clutch of eggs. Barry wasn’t to hopeful, as it was late in the nesting season of Geese.

We managed to get the Telescope in the observatory this afternoon. There were two workmen on the farm and I managed to convince them to help me. The Telescope is a research grade telescope that many Universities use and many others would like to have. It is going to take me a little while put all the accessories on to the telescope and get the dome automation reset. We will be broadcasting with it soon.