At the moment the Badgers tend to be feeding on…

March 21, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

At the moment the Badgers tend to be feeding on camera one first, it could be because it is staying lighter of an evening. Although camera one is very near the farmhouse, it is positioned in a darker and more secluded spot than camera two, that is very open position. As it gets lighter of an evening I gradually feed later. The clocks go forward this weekend, so I will start to feed the Badgers an hour later, at about 8 to 8.15pm. In the summer you can see the Badgers in colour as they feed before it gets dark.

The Deer were not about last night, they use the same spot at nearly the same time for three or four days, then go off somewhere else. I should think it would be close by as we often see or hear them in the day. We are leaving the valley camera on of a night to try to see them. Last night there were a couple of Badgers and a Fox running through, it makes a change to see them in the valley, a little more interesting than it is at feeding times.

The lake has been very noisy today, two pairs of Geese flew in and have being arguing all day trying to chase each other off. Why they both cant put up with each other, I don’t know, every year only one pair settle. Last year two pairs flew in and tried chasing each other off, in the end three of the Geese flew of together, leaving one on its own. A pair did settle a few weeks later.

We need to get on with a couple of jobs on the lake. We are going to put a couple of landing branches in the the lake to encourage the Kingfisher to catch the fish from them, so that we can see them on the cameras. We have Kingfishers on the farm, but we do not see them as much as we would like.