Bliss and Misty were entered into the Doncaster Bloodstock Sales…

September 17, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Bliss and Misty were entered into the Doncaster Bloodstock Sales today. The sale is at the end of October. I don’t know that they will finish up going there or not. I have been looking at the different options. There is a chance that I may decide to race one of them if not the two.

I spoke to a trainer in France earlier today. What he has told me sounds very interesting, but I shall have to make more enquiries. Unlike the UK, the French Government run the racing industry and give it a lot of support. The winnings are a lot more and there are other benefits.

I had an email last week from an Abdul Kareen making enquiries about Branston being for sale. I checked out his email address and it turned out to be Kuwait Oil, Abdul Kareen being the Kuwaiti Oil Minister. He had checked out Branstons Pedigree that I have on the Ownaleg website and he was interested in buying him. A few emails passed between us. As I have not heard from him for nearly a week I should think that he is no longer interested. It would have been good to have known that Branston had got a chance at racing. I am not to disappointed as Branston is a really nice Horse, I should think that we will break him over the Winter for a riding Horse on the farm.

The night are drawing in and getting chilly at Denbury. I must admit I am not looking forward to Autumn and Winter, as there is a lot more work to do with the Horses. We need for it to be dry for as long as possible, for if the fields get to wet and muddy the Horses will need to be kept in of a night, and a lot in the day. We try to keep them out until late November with their turnout rugs on. If we are really lucky it can go into December, Although we have at time had to get them in their stables as early as the middle of October. That is part of the reason for me having to sell some of the Horses, we really need to cut down on the work. Mucking out the stables is not the best jobs, and they need doing every day.

No Elaine, they didn’t forecast those heavy showers that we got last night, just some very light rain that would hardly be noticeable. The ground was still wet this morning.

The Badgers are getting a bit to brave again. You probably see them run back to the sett just before I get in view. I do try to stop them being friendly, but it is becoming a bit harder every year. It is mainly this and last years Cubs that have got use to me from the start of them leaving the sett. It would be very easy to get them feeding from my hand, then they will not be wild animals, they will then eventually have no fear of humans, that would not be right. I will need to make them wary of me.