Breaking Bliss and Misty the Fillies is going very well…

October 15, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Breaking Bliss and Misty the Fillies is going very well. We think that they are enjoying it as there is not a lot of protesting. Bliss is a little sore on the foot that had an infection, a little while back. To get to the infection the Farrier had to cut back the hoof on one side, that is causing the sole of her foot to touch the ground. Normally the outside wall of the hoof is longer than the sole, so it does not come into contact with the ground. We are going to have to get the farrier to put shoes on her front feet on Wednesday. This will be the first time that either of the Fillies will have had shoes fitted, so we could well have a bit of a performance with Bliss. When the farrier cut into the infection, she was very good. Hot shoeing is what most people have, the shoes are made to fit exactly but putting a very hot shoe onto the hoof, this helps the shoe to bed in and also shows any high points, that need to be cut away before the shoes are nailed on. The burning causes a lot of smoke, that may cause a problem, then of course the shoes are nailed on. We will get the farrier to see if Misty also needs shoeing, as both are working on hard surfaces that could soon wear the hoofs back to the soles.

The Fillies are now being taught to walk in a circle on long lead, this will progress to the long leads being attached to the bit, you then are able to walk behind the Fillies steering them by pulling the leads either left or right, the idea is that the Fillies will turn in that direction, pulling back evenly on the leads with a voice command, that should have been taught when they were first walked out with head collars, will get them to stop and stand. A saddle is also put on whilst they are working. Another part of the breaking, that is also done at the time, is to put your weight across the Fillies back by laying over them sideways on the saddle, this gets them use to having weight on them and to teach them for when they are sat on. When you are happy that the Fillies have learnt all this, you can try to mount them. That is just the beginning, there is a lot more for them to learn.

Val asked about the tails on the Sheep. Docking is still practiced, as is castration. Both are done using very small tight rubber bands. We have never docked or castrated. The Sheep we now have, came as you see them. Docking is done to help keep the backsides of the Sheep clean. Castration is a declining practice. Lots of Ram Lambs in a field with Ewe Lambs can be a problem. Castration was also practiced in the belief that the Ram Lambs would put on more weight more quickly. About fifteen years ago it was proved to be the opposite. I should think that it is now practiced more by the older farmers.

Elaine, I am not happy about the blue screen. We had a power cut this afternoon. When the electricity went back on the camera had stopped working. I got it back on, but it must have gone off without me realising. I will try to turn it back on in the morning. Unfortunately it is the Lake, Sheep and Kingfisher Camera. If I have to replace the camera, it may take me a couple of days for me to get the time. Our electricity supplier will be hearing from me in the morning.