By luck I found a Blackbird nest How I had…

April 19, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

By luck I found a Blackbird nest, How I had not seen it before, I really don’t know. It is very close to the Dove nest. In fact if the box had been pointing the other way It would have been closer to the camera than the Dove nest. The box the nest is in, is an old fruit box from when I was given free fruit and veg for my Wild Boar, when I kept them. For some reason I had tried to throw the box over the side of Breezes stable to where I kept the boxes. When I threw it over it did not quite clear the top rail of the stable top. It was not stuck or wedged, I am amazed that when she was making her nest it did not fall over the rail, I have had to tie it to the rail to make sure that it does not drop over to the next door stable. It is a shame that I did not find the nest before the eggs were laid. I should think that the eggs only hatched yesterday.

Blackbirds do have a habit of finding the most silly places to nest. Two years ago one nested in the barn opposite the Farm House. Hopefully that is where some of the Swallows will soon nest. The barn is where I store everything that I will never want again, it tends to become a tip until I decide to have a clear out. The Blackbirds decided they were going to nest in between a large stack of old paint tins. There was nothing to entice the Bird to nest where it did, there were a lot of better alternatives. It did happen to look good on camera. I reckon we should have got one of the paint manufacturers, who tins were displayed to have given us sponsorship.

Im not best pleased with the Pied Wagtails, that I thought was going to nest in the cooker hood fan hole. After spending a few hours putting up the wiring up for the camera, I think that they may decide to nest elsewhere. The Tit nest in a beam in the cottage, is also not going to happen. The Tits are to far down in the hole to be able to get a camera in place. I suppose I could, but the Birds would never be able to get out. We will have a good look about for more nests to put on camera over the next day or two.

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve has their new camera installed. It can be seen on Cam 1 until the Cam 2 page is set up, hopefully by tomorrow. The Camera is installed on an island. Because of the distance that the camera is from the Visitor Centre, and other problems that they have with the location, the PTZ camera can only be made to work by microwave transmission, for both the signal and data. the power supply is by battery, charged by solar panels. It is a very sophisticated system for a web cam. It will concentrate on breeding sea birds over the coming months and promises to be excellent viewing. Anyone living or on holiday in the area, should give the Reserve a visit. From the Visitors Centre, visitors are able to control the cameras.