Chris Speering from the Hawk ad Owl Trust visited the…

September 11, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Chris Speering from the Hawk ad Owl Trust visited the Farm on Monday. All in all it was a very interesting meeting, and we learnt a lot from the couple of hours that he was here.

We may be lucky with the Kingfisher, for they do not always migrate. If there is plenty of food for them where they are, they quite often stay. For sure there is a lot of fish in the lake. One of our holiday quests fished a 10lb Carp from the lake last night, not that the Kingfisher would be very interested in that size for a meal. Or guest has seen the Kingfisher a lot whilst he has been fishing. He has been perching on the Bullrushes around the island, very close to where he was fishing.

Chris is involved with a release programme for three Tawney Owls. It is to happen very soon. It is only a maybe, as the broadband connection at the location is not very good, but if it can be arranged we may put a camera at the site. The Young Tawny Owls are encouraged back to a location, so that they can be helped on their initial release. Eventually they will not return and start to fend for themselves.

Chris is to make a report about Denbury and what we do, for the Hawk and Owl Trust. Hopefully this may open more opportunities for additional webcams on our site.

The Lock of the Lowe’s have changed the Red Squirrel and Pine martin camera that we sent to them. The close up camera is now in focus both day and night and is much better.

Bliss came in lame again this morning, I thought that one poultice would have drawn the infected area, and that she would have been sound this morning. The poultice was still on her foot. With the infected area partly open I was surprised to see her limping. We will try to draw the poison out by soaking her foot in hot salty water, this very often works as a poultice would, in open wounds.

One entry on the forum asked if the Badgers were taking longer to eat the feed I put out, or was I putting out more. I thought they were eating it quicker than ever. I have not bee increasing the feed that I put out, and I wont be, as they the way they are breeding they must be getter more than ample.

I wasn’t watching the Badger tonight, so I couldn’t say if the limping Badger was out or not tonight, although I have seen it recently.