Denbury although only about 6 miles from Taunton is very…

September 23, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Denbury, although only about 6 miles from Taunton is very out of the way, it is not isolated, the village that we come under is within half a mile. Mind you there is nothing there other than private houses, occupied mostly with those who think that they are a better type of people than they really are. I am sure that they would stick there noses in the air, passing common people like us. Within two miles is a village with a number of Pubs and Shops. But once you enter the drive of Denbury, it is as if you are in a different world. It is so quite that it feels as if you are isolated and in the middle of nowhere. So if there are any noises in the night, even with me not being a particular light sleeper, I will be woken. At about I heard a noise in the yard. It was as if someone was walking around. After going out for dinner and a few glasses of wine, I really didn’t want to get out of bed at that time in the morning. Then Branston called out, which is always a sign that some thing was happening.

As much as I didn’t want to go and investigate the noise, when you have got animals there really isn’t a choice. Reluctantly, with Tass and Kye by my side, we made our way to where Branston had called from, only to find Bliss flaunting herself at Branston. Branston was enjoying every minute of it. Fortunately for a Colt he is very laid back, any other Colt would have cleared the gate that he was behind to be with the Filly. Again fortunately Bliss is a very laid back Filly. After getting a head collar on her I walked her back to the field to put her back with the other Horses, believing that she had squeezed under the fence, that she had done before, only to find the field gate open. Shinning my torch around the field I could see that the other Horses had also got out. I had a good idea that they may have been grazing on the holiday cottages lawns. They were all there except Arnie. Breeze being Breeze decided she was not going to be caught and started running around bucking her hind legs in the air, Misty and Lady joined in the fun, leaving Willow bemused at the goings on. I didn’t need that at that time in the morning. It took a good twenty minutes to get them back into the field, with only Arnie to worry about. After another twenty minutes I found him, head in the feed bin stuffing his face.

On both Thursday and Friday night, the Fox that was in the valley with the Deer was trying to get the young Deer to run around with it. On Thursday night there was one youngster with it Mother, on Friday it seemed very much as if it was twins Calves with their Mother. On my larger monitor, I could see the Fox was going up to the Calves and running away to get the Calves to chase it, The Calve were doing the same to the Fox. There could not have been any danger from the Fox, or the Mother would have chased the Fox away. After seeing the Fox with the Sheep earlier in the year, the Fox by what we have seen, does not live up to it reputation.