Elsie I am sorry I have no way of putting…

October 29, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Elsie, I am sorry I have no way of putting photograph on to the website at the moment. We are in the process of updating the website using the URL beta2.denburyfarm.co.uk. I will speak to the person who hosts my website, and the camera streaming, in the hope that he can make it possible.

When I changed the cameras over this morning, I could see on the lake camera, that the Ewe lamb that I had introduced into the small flock of Sheep in the fenced off area around the Lake, was not looking to good. I did think that she was dead and I changed the camera over whilst I went to look at her. Even when I got next to her she did not move, only when I lifted her head was there any sign of life. When I tried to get her to stand she just flopped over. I picked the lamb up and laid her in the barn. She was quite wet from the rain in the night, I dried her off with a stiff rub down. That made her perk up, and soon she was eating a little of the hay that I had put in front of her.

When I first put the Ewe lamb in with the other Sheep she wasn’t eating that well, and I found her a little weak one morning. After that scare I thought that she was settling down. I should think that although I have seen the Ewe lamb eating, she has not been getting what she needed, and with the rain last night it made her a little weak. I left her in the barn whilst I went in for a coffee. When I went back half an hour later to check her, she was gone. I found her close by, she was eating the grass and was looking a lot better. I checked her after we turned the Horses out, after their night feed and she was looking good.

Just before I fed the Sheep tonight, I had a quick look to see if I could see the Ewe lamb. I don’t know why, as I was going to give the Sheep their hay straight away, but something seemed to be telling me to check the Sheep. When I got to them I only counted ten. I thought that the missing one had probably jumped over the electric wire. As it was only one missing and the fence was still up I would normally leave looking for the missing Sheep later, if not in the morning. Again something told me to look in the stream. Just on a bend I could see a little bit of white, it was obviously the missing Sheep. I called out to her, when she realised it was me, she walked towards my way, it was a Portland so I was able to grab hold of one of her horns. The help that I had called for arrived, and between us with one in the stream pushing and me pulling we got the Ewe out.