Elsie the Sheep with horns are Portland classified as a…

September 28, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Elsie, the Sheep with horns are Portland, classified as a rare breed.

Karen, there were 16 Badgers a couple of months back. I counted 15 a few weeks back before I found the dead Badger in the lane at the end of our driveway. There could still be 15.

With the last two nights being cold, it was decided, before we had checked on the weather for tonight, to rug the Horses against the cold. Now that the Horses have been turned out we heard that it is going to be quite warm tonight. Most thoroughbred Horses are fine coated and do feel the cold. We always try to have them rugged if the temperature is about 6 degrees or below, or if there is continuous rain. When cold thoroughbreds loose condition very quickly and any feed is used in keeping them warm, when it is given to help them grow.

Some Horses will let you put a rug on them without any trouble, others will be a nightmare. Last year when we rugged Bliss and Misty, Bliss let us put a rug on her as if she was born with it on. Misty didn’t like it one bit. They were stable together in an large gated area, in one of the barns, it was open to weather on one side, so they needed to be rugged. Misty kept walking away from us whilst we were trying to put the rug on her. You need to put the rug on without the Horse panicking, it may take longer but it is always the best way. We finally got the rug on her back, but she was having none of it. Rather than upset her we left it until the next day. It took three or four attempts to get her to accept it. But she did. Today even after months of Misty not having a rug put on she allowed us to put it on without any protests at all. The other reason Bliss and Misty need to be rugged is that we do not want their Winter Coats to come through, as they will look scruffy when they go to auction in October.

It was Willows first time of her having a rug put on her. Like Bliss she accepted it without any trouble, she didn’t even look at it once it was on her. Breeze because of her breeding also need to be rugged, being mostly Arab she also has a very fine coat and shivers when it is cold. Lady is a different problem, as Willow is still feeding from Lady, having a rug on stops Willow from getting to Ladies udder. The weather forecast did not say it was going to rain like it is now, so it is as well that they are rugged.