Every evening that I try to write an entry some…

January 20, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Every evening that I try to write an entry some thing comes up and it never gets started.

Three days ago a Fox had one of our Chickens. To be honest with the amount of Geese that we have who were in the area where the Fox stuck, we should have been warned with the noise that they make, but we did not hear a sound. I thought until the next day when he had another taken that it may have been a Sparrow Hawk or an Owl. All of the Chickens are very friendly and the first that was taken was Fluffy a Black Silky. We got it with a White Silky that an Owl had on the first day that we let it out. Fluffy was one of our Holiday guests favorite Chickens, she would always be a the Cottages doors waiting for a crumb or two.

Being that I thought that it was a Sparrow Hawk or Owl I didn’t take any precautions in case it returned. That was a big mistake as on Monday the Fox returned and had Asbo. We had not had Asbo very long and he was originally purchased only to produce Chicks. Although he had come from a Farm where he would not have come into much contact with people he was extremely friendly and like Fluffy he was a great favorite with our Holiday Guests. At least we have nearly 100 of his off springs.

We cant take the risk that the Fox will take more of the Chicken and Geese so for the past two days every one is in their houses and will have to stay there until we can get a electric fenced area for them. I have not had a firearms licence for nearly twelve years but I am applying for one today in case we can not stop the Fox from taking the Chickens.

Most of you know my feelings about hunting with dogs, but since the ban there are many more Fox around. As much as I don’t like Fox hunting it was a better alternative than having to shoot them. Shooting a Fox can leave them injured rather that killing the outright as with hunting and they may have weeks of pain with shot gun wounds.

Some of you saw the Fox in the Valley the other night. There were three. Probably a Vixen in season and two suitors. I must admit if I had a shotgun there would have been one or two less.