Every time that I see the Swallow chicks in their…

August 27, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Every time that I see the Swallow chicks in their nest it looks as if they are dying. Their mouths are open as if gasping for air. It can only be that they are so hot in the top of the roof. The last nest was the same and I don’t really like showing them on the webcam. The Dove chick is growing very quickly, it surely has got to be in the top ten for being the ugliest Bird chick. There were two but one disappeared very shortly after they hatched.

My luck seems to be holding out with the Sheep. I had forgot that it was a bank holiday today, for I had hoped to have moved them into a barn or stable to make sure that they don’t go free range again, before I send them off to market. I will send them to market this week. I am still undecided if I should to keep the Portland. The intention was to keep the friendly Texels, but after they escaped they lost their chance.

As we drive down our driveway on our way into the farm, the whole of the main Horse field comes into view. Just by habit we look to make sure that the Horses are all OK. Woody being grey stood out more than the rest when she was out, it is very strange her not being there now. We are looking to get another broodmare now that Woody has gone. It would be good to get one that is in Foal, but being realistic I should think that we will get a mare not in Foal that we will send to stud early next year. But you never know what may come on offer. The Bloodstock sales are coming up so I will see what is on sale there. Some of the sales can be seen on webcams. I will let you know when the next one is on.

When we went to feed the Horses this evening the Barn door was open. After Branston was opening the catch we tied the catch so that he could not open it. We don’t make mistake and it is never forgotten. This evening he was in the barn eating the Horse feed. Before we jumped to conclusions of who had left the gate untied I checked the hay-tie that it was tied with. It was wet where Branston had had it in his mouth. We thought that we had beaten Branston by tying the door, I don’t know how he untied it but he obviously had. There are three knots in the tie now.