Finished the concreting in the base for the new camera…

September 6, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Finished the concreting in the base for the new camera tower today. As one of my Lads said, just got to hope that we don’t find one of the Badgers cemented in, when we check it in the morning. The concrete will take a few days to set, so that we can put the tower up.

It was good to see the report that Ospreys have been seen on the Chew Valley waters. Of course unless we know if they are ringed and what number they have, we can never be sure where they have been nesting, or what nest they originated from. It would be good if they came from the Lock of the Lowe’s, but I should think that they are more than likely to have come from a site in Wales.

Osprey were once visitors all over the British Isles. Being that they are using Chew Valley as a stop over, there could be a chance that a pair may nest there at some time. As I told you last week, Peter DeMarie from Delaware USA, contacted me last week about webcams at a site that is just a couple of hundred yards from his home. Peter is a Osprey monitoring volunteer for the State of Delaware. He has emailed me some photographs of the site that is by his house. The Osprey nest is a platform on top of a pole. It is in the middle of a lake surrounded by houses. The complete opposite to the sites in the British Isles, that seem to be in isolated areas or on Water Companies Lakes and reservoirs. I will try to have a word with the people in charge of Chew Valley. Who knows they may be interested in a webcam at their site, for at a quick glance, they do have a large assortment of wildlife there.