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October 27, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

As Badgers don’t use clocks, we will be feeding them from 5.30pm ish as from Sunday when the clocks go BACK.

It was in February 2003 when Lady was cut, about eight week before she was due to Foal. I first noticed the injury when taking her rug off in her stable to give her a brush . There is no point letting the Horses get cold in the Winter, so their rugs may not be taken off for a few days or so. When I noticed the injury, I could not believe what I was seeing, on her offside rear was a gaping eight inch wound. I immediately called the Veterinary. I could see that the injury was a few days old, so it would not have been able to be stitched, but it was obvious that lady was going to need antibiotics. I checked all around her stable to see if she had cut her self on any protruding object. I was blaming myself that I had put her in a stable where she had got the injury from. I had only put her into the stable that she was in a week before. The stable is the only one that faces onto the Farm Yard, making it easy to check on her condition before we went to bed. We did not have webcams then. We constructed the stables into a pretty old local stone building with stone pillars. We left all of the old original fittings in the building, so I thought that Lady may of cut her self on one of these, although the rug she was wearing would also have been damaged, the wound would also have been messy but this wound was clean, as if slashed. I took out any thing in all of the stables that may have caused the injury.

As I thought, because of the age of the wound there was no way that it could be stitched and there was a good chance that it would get an infection in it, so you would be stitching in the infection. We found out about a healing gel that would also help to stop any infection. This needed to be put deep into the wound and to my shock my finger went in nearly three inches into the muscle. It took many weeks, but eventually the wound closed, without Lady getting any infection. The injury has left her with a very nasty scar, and a hate of injections that I had to give her with the antibiotics. Lady has never put her ears back at me, although I was the one who was causing her pain, when I was treating the injury. But when she see a Veterinaries, she doesn’t want them near her.

A few days after finding Lady with the injury, whilst watching the television, I suddenly realised how Lady had got the injury. It must have been getting on for a week before she had received it, when one afternoon as I was going outside I heard a commotion near the stables. when I got to the stables I found an elderly man with a small Yorkie type dog arguing with two Ladies, who were doing the Horses. The man who had strayed off of the footpath, was being aggressive, in a threatening manner. I told him to clear off, but he stood his ground and I needed to get in between him and the Ladies to get him to move away. I followed him back to the foot path to make sure that he had left the Farm. When he reached the footpath he turned towards me, I will never forget his words. Remember he told me, I will be back. You know I reckon he may well come back again, not to slash a Horse, but as a challenge to himself. I had better not catch him.

No Elsie, the Sheep didn’t go to Market, something came up that stopped me taking them. They will be going next week.

Pat, I never get it right, I usually hear it on the evening news the day before, then I alter the clocks.