font color red As the Badgers don t use clocks…

October 26, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

As the Badgers don’t use clocks, we will be feeding them from 5.30pm ish as from Sunday when the clocks go BACK.

Both Bliss and Misty are dong very well being broken to ride. Both have been backed and didn’t flinch when sat on. There is still a lot of work to do with them, but being able to sit on them without any protest is very good. Mind you I have said it before, both of the Fillies are very laid back. That only comes about when Horses are handled well from birth and are treated with kindness. They then have no fear of anything that you do with them, just completely trust you. We never have had any youngsters that have been a problems when breaking them. We have had a family on Holiday this week, with two young girls, they both ride, they have helped us when Bliss and Misty were worked with this week, whilst being broken, leading and long reining them. It is good for the Fillies to have other people handling them, and I am sure the two girls benefited working with the Horses. As both girls and their Mother can ride, they rode out on Arnie with us. They were both a little concerned to be riding such a big Horse as Arnie, they had never seen such a large Horse, he is a big lad at 17.3hh, I struggle at times trying to put his head collar on when he doesn’t help and lowers his head. He really is a gentle giant. I have been offered large sums of money from a few people who wanted to buy him. I can honestly say that no amount of money would buy him or Breeze.

This afternoon the Veterinary came to give Bliss and Misty, their flu and Tetanus injections for when they go to France next month. Again both were very good and didn’t make any fuss at all. Lady is the complete opposite, I am sure she know the sound of the Veterinaries car, if she is in her stable she will go to the back, I am sure she is hiding from the Veterinary. When the Veterinary goes into her stable, her ears go back and she is not very cooperative at all. There is a good reason, I am not sure if I told you about when she was deliberately cut. Let me know, if I haven’t I will tell you tomorrow.

Elaine, I wasn’t watching the webcams this afternoon, and I haven’t seen any Birds feeding others on the feeders. That’s not to say you didn’t. Any thing is possible with wildlife, but you not would expect them to be feeding their young at this time of year. Mind you I am no Ornithologist or expert on Birds.