font color red As the Badgers don t use clocks…

October 25, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

As the Badgers don’t use clocks, we will be feeding them from 5.30pm ish as from Sunday when the clocks go BACK.

Off course the reason that is given for the clock change twice a year, is that it allows Farmers to start work in the light. The Farmers that I have spoken to in the past, really don’t care one way or the other. It messes up our work on the Farm every time the clocks change. The animals still expect to be fed at the same time. I suppose we finish our work earlier, and I managed to get the Telescope working more often. Every time the clocks do change there is talk of Parliament going to change it. They need to hurry up.

The Bird and Squirrel feeders have started to be used more in the past week. There was so much wild food we were not having to fill the feeders as much as usual. Every year the Woodpeckers disappears for a while, they seems to have come back earlier this year. A new Squirrel is using the feeders, it must be a new one as it hasn’t worked out how to open the lid of the Squirrel feeder yet. There is also a couple of Birds that I do not know using the feeders. They look like large fluffy Finches, I am sure they must be very common, but it is the first time that I have seen them on the feeders.

Elsie the Sheep that you saw was asleep. I also thought that it was ill. I had introduced it with the rest yesterday, it was one of the two Ewe Lambs that we are keeping, the other one drowned a few days backs. We also took one of the Ram Lambs out of the paddock yesterday. If I get time, it is going off to market with the others that are stabled on Saturday. I wish you could have seen us catching it yesterday. It is a bit wild and has not been in the fenced area for long. My two Lads and myself went into catch it. Every time that we got it cornered, it was so fast that we missed it as it got past us. It jumped over the electric fence wire a few times, fortunately it jumped back in again. It also jumped into the stream and somehow from standing jumped out without touching the side of the streams five foot bank. In the end one of the Lads got fed up running around after it, took a running dive and caught it. Did he get dirty. He had mud on him from head to toe.