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October 23, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

The Astro Webcams are working. I am having to adjust them remotely. So please be patient.

We have made up our minds about Bliss and Misty. Both are going to France to be trained for Flat Racing. I could never imagine us sending them to the Auction this week, After speaking to a very good French Trainer over the past couple of days, who we liked the sound of, and who we have managed to come to an arrangement to keep the training fees to a minimal amount, it was a very easy decision to make. The intention is that once the two Fillies are broken to ride out, they will be going to a training establishment very close to Paris. The expected day of the two Fillies leaving Denbury is the 19th of November, arriving within twenty four hours of them leaving.

We are going to France to meet the Trainer on the 20th. We are hoping to arrive on the same day as Bliss and Misty. I wont fly, so we are travelling by Eurostar. The journey time now that Eurostar leaves from St.Pancras to Paris, take about two hours fifteen minute. It takes us longer to get to London from Somerset. I will tell you more tomorrow, as I am messing about adjusting the Astro Webcams.

Elaine, we do have a very expensive Solar Telescope, that you are able to see Spots and Flares on the Sun. Time is the biggest factor. But I will try.

Elsie. Do not let you MP tell you what is not true. Ask him if he has read all on the Badger and Bovine TB. Obviously he has not. And remember that a MP works for you.