For the past two days I have seen the Kingfisher…

August 1, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

For the past two days I have seen the Kingfisher dive off of the branch to catch a Fish. On one of the occasions it landed back on the branch with a fish in its beak. I tried to get a close up of it, unfortunately it was far to fast and was gone quicker than I could get a hand on the controller. At least the Kingfisher are making te branch a regular perching site for fishing.

Surely the Swallows who are on the nest at the top of the roof are nesting. If they are not they may be the fledglings still returning to their nest. I have never noticed that the fledglings return for so long after they have left the nest. If they are an adult pair, I don’t know if it is the same pair that were on the nest last time. It does seem to be very soon after their fledglings left the nest.

I am still looking for another species of Bird who may nest again this year. The warm weather may encourage one to have a late clutch. The usual Dove nest is being used again. I may try later this evening to move a camera onto it. I was hoping to set the Telescope up tonight as I may have a bit of spare time after I finished the Diary, but unfortunately it has got a bit overcast here this evening.

The contractor came over to see if we could start making the hay. There is one small field that is quite dry, that we could start on, but would you believe it, after being told only at the weekend that it was going to be dry for the whole week, showers are now forecast for tomorrow morning. The largest field that we cut for hay is in the valley. Where the water is still coming off of the hills, it is making a fairish part of the field by the stream, so wet that the water is above your shoes. Even in the winter it does no hold water, to the degree that it is at the moment. I will check the forecast tonight and in the morning. If it looks that we may get a spell of five or six days of it being dry, I will get it mowed in the morning except for the wet area. I will let the Horses graze the field after the hay is made, If we are lucky.