For the past two days we have been walking the…

October 3, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

For the past two days we have been walking the Fillies around the farm, trying to get them prepared for the Auction later in the month. It is going to be difficult getting them prepared in time. If they are not, they will not make as much money as maybe they should. It is not only having them walking on a lead rope that is important, they need to have their muscles toned and their coats glistening. The only way to get them in that condition, is to work them out by walking and light trotting. Getting the Fillies coats looking tip top is to daily groom their coat, this will also help tone their muscles. There has been an Auction in Ireland for the past three days, that was shown on a webcam, but I only realised late this afternoon, with only a few lots, out of over 600 left to go. By the time I had let you know on the forum the sale would have been finished. At this Auction one yearling Colt made 2.4 million Euro. The next yearling sale on webcam is on the 9th of October for 3 days. With other sales to follow a few days later. See what you think.

The squirrel feeder on webcam one has been knocked over. It happened on Sunday night. As it is on a wooden fence post, that was sunk into the ground to at least two and a half feet, I was a bit surprised to have found it laying on the ground when I went to refill the feeders. All the peanuts had been eaten. Looking at where the feeders are there were Badger foot prints. I think that probably a Badger knocked the post over whilst trying to get to the peanuts, Again the amount that the post was sunk into the ground, the Badger must have been very determined to get the peanuts.

Yes Karen, the Sheep were out of their fenced area this morning. Somehow the heavy gates that make up part of the fencing, were down. How they got knocked over I cant imagine, as the are heavy and were tied to keep them in place. The Sheep had not strayed far and we quickly got them back behind the fence once we had got it upright.

There have been a number of power cuts at the Lock of the Lowe’s over the past couple of days, it has stopped the webcams. Power cuts cause the computers to stop. When the power is on after the cut, the computer needs to be restarted from the site before the webcam can be got going. When I logged on this morning after the webcams had been restarted, there were a pair of Grebe on the Lock.

A number of you have commented about the rain that you have seen at Denbury over the past few days. The valley camera does tend to make even light drizzle look like heavy rain, although we have had a bit of that as well. The weather forecasts for our area at Denbury would have only been forty percent correct over the past couple of days.