Where you can post about wildlife, webcams on Wildlife TV, ask each other questions and keep in touch with other forum users. As with the last forum we have no rules on your postings, we want it to be a friendly place, so no politics or religion unless it is to do with subjects that relate to wildlife. Please do not use the Forum to make contact about holiday bookings.

PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTOGRAGHS To info@denburyfarm.co.uk


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27,376 thoughts on “Welcome to Wildlife TV/ Denbury Farm Forum

  • Jenny says:

    Second egg has now been laid at Loch of the Lowes !

    Jenny x

  • Jenny says:

    Awww an egg has been laid by the osprey at Loch of the Lowes !

    Jenny x

  • Hi I watched the owls all last year and during the winter etc but havnt seen them for around a week or two.
    Is it bad timing or have they do you think found another nesting site?
    Missing them both

  • Karen Bethell says:

    Looked in on the Owl cams late last night they were both on the beams, So hopefully they have had good hunting weather and no rain its rained here for a few days I really look forward to following them with my just turned 7 grandson he also saw both Osprey on the nest Friday and watched the male serve her twice so all looks good….. Karen Stoke

  • Jenny says:

    Thanks for the camera in the stables showing the sheep and the lambs Mr Farmer (Colin)

    Jenny x

  • Graham Kerr says:

    With the severe winter weather,over Feb and Mar, I was getting concerned, whither our Barn Owls were getting enough food to start breeding. As its been a long time since I have even seen them in the barn,or the nest box, then only ten minutes ago,there they both were,in the nest box (Sun the 18th March 2018) So if weather conditions change for the better,lets hope they they continue to breed and give us all hours of pleasure watching there progress. GRAHAM in Scotland.

  • Elsie Nicol says:

    Seem to have a good covering of snow at the farm Have you brought the horses and sheep in Mr Farmer.