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3:26am Saw a deer on the Badger Cam then another turned up how lucky was I

I have got Jayden interested in the Owls he comes from School and has me putting them on So I am going to enjoy teaching him stuff about them hes 6 and his ears are mine on wildlife Karen Stoke

Blimey Karen couldn’t you sleep !!!!

Well done getting Jayden interested in the owls ! I check them out every morning but for the last couple of days they haven’t been in the barn or box – hoping they will return soon !

Jenny x

I introduced Jayden, Jordans, 6 year old brother to the cams today he was watching the Barn Owl he was so interested in them Its lovely to watch his enthusiasm they are never to young to learn…. Karen Stoke

Loving the Barn Owl nest cam. Can you tell me please what is the make/model of the camera in there ?
Thank you very much!

Hi Karen, It is a trail camera that Mrs Farmer is keeping an eye on the badgers from a different angle

Awww how lovely to see two owls in the barn this morning !

Tina I did respond to you about the lack of ladybirds this year but sadly it didn’t appear and after 3 attempts I gave up !!!!

Like you we didn’t see many ladybirds this year or for that matter wasps either !!!!!

Jenny x

Good morning all, especially Mr Farmer! I’ve been moving around and lost touch with you all. However, I’m back! Tried to view three or four of the Denbury Farm webcams but they won’t open. Anyway, what I would like to ask is “has anyone noticed the lack of ladybirds this year?” I’ve seen hardly any and I live in the countryside. Admittedly it’s close to fields and the farmers around here are spraying stuff on them although I don’t know what.

Mr Farmer, can the government badger cull people come on your land without your permission or would they only shoot them if they wonder of your land onto a neighbors farm.

I cant bear to see the badgers treated like this.You mr farmer have been trearing them so well in feeding them and they come to depend on you I thought it was the movement of the cattle that was causing and spreading the T B .. iI pray to God the government will come to their senses, and give it up.It hurts me to think they are shot and killed sometimes left in agony what else can we do apart from stopping the hunters ourselves. I dont know much about this I am a 77 year old lady who loves all kinds of wildlife be it birds or animals I cannot see the sense in all this shooting .

How can we make these idiots understand what they are doing by having this badger cull. It is not going to stop BovineTB and destroying badgers will, in the end, only make things far worse. You are so right about the movement of cattle ……there is no control at that point. Also it would seem to me to spread possibly contaminated slurry over fields is not the brightest thing to do.
I pray that your beautiful badgers stay safe and that some day soon the realisation will dawn that this cull is NOT the answer to the problem. The farmers actually have and know the answer…..it is in their hands and it does not include killing any animal.

I wasn’t clever enough to reduce the size of our drone footage to be able to download it to our last blog. I got a friend to do it for me. So it is on ton
I put the drone footage on so that the Badger Killers can see that we are prepared for them. We are able to see all around the farm. If you check the model you will see just how good it is. DJi Phantom Pro Plus. It is capable of flying for 30 minutes and travel for at least 5 miles. It has many other goodies on it, like follow me where it can be set to follow, so if we see a killer we can set the drone to follow where ever they go. Can even upload a live view on Facebook, so it is an awesome bit of equipment for sabbing, especially for fox hunting. We also have a thermal imaging attachment for nightime. Same as what you see in helicopter police chases at night. Because it is an attachment I am unable to record it. But its good.
That enough of the cull for a moment. The drone shows just what a view the Buzzards can see whilst they are soaring. In fact any bird of prey whilst they are hunting. We never found the buzzard nest on the farm, but every day we see the Buzzard Fledgling and its parents hunting our fields for food and teaching the youngster.
The Buzzards have a lot to contend with a very large flock of Crows we have on the farm, a murder of crows is their proper name. The way they gang up and swoop on the buzzards I can understand why they are so called. At the crows nesting time it is far worse. We wonder why the buzzards nest here, but they have done so for the twenty seven year we have been here. One year we had fourteen pairs all together flying above us. It was a sight. It was at that time that we found a young buzzard nearly drowning in the lake. It was in a bad way so we took it to West Hatch RSPCA centre that is quite close to us. They told us that they would phone when it was well, so it could be released back to our area. They never did. We always regret not trying to help it ourselves

Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 20th August 2017

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This year for the first time the Badger Cull is coming to the part of Somerset we live at.
After nearly 20 years of us broadcasting live badgers on a sett at Denbury Farm they are now at a serious risk of being killed by being shot by an evil Government and the lobbying of the evil National Farmers Union, who both know there is no scientific proof that it is Badgers that pass on TB to Cattle. In fact there is evidence that shows that cattle pass on Bovine Tuberculosis to badgers, deer, goats, pigs, camelids llamas and alpacas, Otters dogs cats, and many other mammals. Yes even your precious moggies, https://www.news-medical.net/health/Tuberculosis-in-Animals.aspx but the stupid government and more so the National Farmers Union somehow don’t want the public to know the truth. They don’t want you to know because they are wasting taxpayers money. Up to 2015 the cost was £17 Million that works out at £7580 for every badger unnecessarily butchered. That cost does not include 2016 and future years of the slaughter. Money that could well be spent by the NHS on the sick. Guess what, of those badgers killed in 2013 so few badgers were found to have Bovine Tuberculosis  that the government no longer test any badgers they murder, so there are no figures of how many badgers carry TB.

Bovine TB is Bovine TB, not badger,  deer or any other animal TB. Recently it has been found in two areas that have never had TB or badgers. A few days ago cattle on a farm on the Island of Skye have been tested positive for TB. Badgers didn’t cause it, there are none on the Island. One cause of the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis is through the movement of cattle around the country. Every week thousands of cattle who have been sold in markets and privately are moved from one end of the country to the other. Cattle are supposed to be tested before being moved, but there are a few who don’t. Other causes are free roaming deer, alpacas and llamas living in fields next to cattle. The Badgers are scapegoats because of lobbying by the National Farmers Union and government scientists who have a one track mind and ignore some of the worlds most eminent scientists. 
The photographs were taken last night by Mrs Farmer

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