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Well what can I say Jayden asks to look at the Owls we have to guess before we click on the cam if they are there haha Jayden is always correct and happy when they are there hope they have eggs when does this happen what month roughly?? He has really enjoyed watching the Osprey from egg to fledge YES! at 19:14 we saw one of the chicks fly from the nest we were both over the moon I cried dont you just love Mother Nature he has not come straight back hes landed somewhere bless it. Karen & Jayden Stoke

Jayden asks for Denbury Farm cams on the Owls and Osprey every Day we have to guess if the Owls are there they have been for the last 4 days hes asked his little face when they are there I am so excited to learn him about the owl wonderful site as I have always said Thank you Mr Farmer for the chance too….. The Osprey are doing really good nice to see. Hopefully we will have Owlets soon Karen & Jayden … Stoke

Thank you Jenny we have been watching I learn him a bit each day today we are waiting for Owlets what are they Nan Baby owls Jayden lol a bit each time everything will soak on my work will be done I love this Kid so much he is going to Yorkshire to my daughter Nicola s he cant wait its in August but he has a thing about being Patient haha like any kid so I told him he could come early to teach him about patience cruel I know lol I will post pics on FB so you can see my pride and joy they grow to quick Jayden is 16 now . Karen Stoke

Karen it is so good for Jayden to watch the osprey chicks grow – hope that the third one survives ! I have been watching the osprey at Rutland Water and 3 chicks hatched but sadly now only two as the youngest one didn’t survive !

Enjoy watching !!!!!

Jenny x

It is always exciting at this time of the year when baby chicks are hatching, and fledging. We love watching the baby sparrows being fed in our garden. Nature is a wonderful thing.

Hya Jenny we check the box everyday hes seen one on the rafters & box he asks me everyday hes proper hooked I am wondering when she will lay haha getting impatient Thank you for the info Jenny much appreciated Karen Stoke

Jayden asks to see the Owls everyday tonight we looked and one is perched on the beam in front of the nest box hope we get to see some action as its a good learning thing with Jayden he also watched the Osprey he will see plenty of action with the pair we are watching if everything goes to plan. Karen Stoke

Hi I watched the owls all last year and during the winter etc but havnt seen them for around a week or two.
Is it bad timing or have they do you think found another nesting site?
Missing them both

Looked in on the Owl cams late last night they were both on the beams, So hopefully they have had good hunting weather and no rain its rained here for a few days I really look forward to following them with my just turned 7 grandson he also saw both Osprey on the nest Friday and watched the male serve her twice so all looks good….. Karen Stoke

With the severe winter weather,over Feb and Mar, I was getting concerned, whither our Barn Owls were getting enough food to start breeding. As its been a long time since I have even seen them in the barn,or the nest box, then only ten minutes ago,there they both were,in the nest box (Sun the 18th March 2018) So if weather conditions change for the better,lets hope they they continue to breed and give us all hours of pleasure watching there progress. GRAHAM in Scotland.

Seem to have a good covering of snow at the farm Have you brought the horses and sheep in Mr Farmer.

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