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Well we have an egg yes the Osprey has laid her first one wonderful news it is the weather will hopefully pick up its like Winter here its dam cold after that mini heat wave we have just experienced I have seen the egg as she tucked it under her to get comfy. Karen & Jayden Stoke On Trent

Karen I also look at the osprey at Rutland Water and they have also laid an egg ! Amazing really after their long journey !!!!

Shame that the webcams are not working on Denbury Farm ! Missing the owl webcam also !

Jenny x

hya Jenny yes Jayden and I are very disappointed about the Owl Cams such a shame as he absolutely loved to view it but he is as eager with the Osprey when I told him today after school about the first egg had been laid his little face lit up with such a beautiful smile I wonder why they have gone must be funding. This weather is getting me down I wish this cold snap would hurry up and go my feet feel dead lol . Karen & Jayden Stoke On Trent

Well the weather has been good these last few days and more to come I believe lets hope fingers crossed they have got it right… Jenny, Jayden, is so disappointed about the loss of the Owl, cams but he is excited about the Ospreys return and will be watching their progress this year. The female is on the nest now well I presume its the female… Oh I love this part of the year hope everyone is well. Karen & Jayden Stoke On Trent

Hi everyone I have just clicked on to the Osprey cam and there is one on the nest now. They seem to be having nasty strong winds by the looks of it. Karen & Jayden Stoke On Trent

No Jenny I did not realise it was the time of year for the Osprey thank you for letting me know I will look in on the nest. Why and when did they take the Owl Cam away I have just tried to look in on them hope they come back on?Jaden is besotted with the Owl Cams . The weather here has been atrocious high winds rain and more of the same I am aching for spring I am a bit fed up I had a fantastic show of bulbs Tulips, daffs ect in the front garden and I have lost loads so I have to put more in later this year they must have a life span bulbs….Karen & Jayden Stoke On Trent

Karen did you see that one of the osprey arrived back to Loch of the Lowes yesterday and was on the nest in the snow !!!!

Sad that we cannot see the owls in the barn and the nest box either as the webcams have been taken away !

Jenny x

Thank you jenny we have just looked in on them no where to be seen good sign means they are hunting Jenny do you know when they breed I can not remember. Karen & Jayden Stoke

My the forum has been quiet I have been busy of late I try to access the Owl cams and they seem to be down my end? I miss looking in with Jayden, its a shame I wonder what is wrong with them we look in and see the Badger feeding its always nice to watch them beautiful creatures they are . Karen Stoke

Jayden, likes to look in on the Owl, so we can guess if they are there haha they were both in the box so this looks promising. Then we looked in on the Osprey, they were all three on the nest the two youngsters eating a fish each next minute an intruder Osprey landed on the nest and all hell broke loose chicks manteled their wings cowering over there food screaming never heard such a din then the father moved to the position in front of both chicks with his wings mantled then took a peck at the intruder who promptly took off the noise carried on it took them ages to settle down absolutely fabulous viewing…. Karen & Jayden Stoke

Jayden and I looked in on the Owls there was one on the rafters so then we looked in on the box and two were in there imagine his face as we were only expecting one to be there then one of the Owls came out of the box to the rafters and it went to go to the one on the rafters but it flew off.
We looked in on the Owls one night about a week ago it was late as Jayden was having a sleepover and we saw one out side the box just outside of the hole then the other one I presume was the male flew in and delivered her a takeaway mouse lol his little face when he saw it was a picture then we saw that the rodent was still alive so the Owl did what it has to do and pulled it apart it did look as though there were a few dead rodents outside of the box on the ledge It is so wonderful to watch and teach I can not thank Mr Farmer enough for allowing us to watch these cams he has followed the Osprey from them breeding to eggs to chicks to fledglings it has been so much fun for me teaching him what I know on wildlife….Karen & Jayden Stoke

There are three barn owls in your barn in Cornwall. Does this often happen?

There is an error message with your nestcam diary so I thought I would post a message this way.

Cant access the cams on denbury for some reason Jayen needs his fix on the Owls Karen Jayden Stoke

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