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Where you can post about wildlife, webcams on Wildlife TV, ask each other questions and keep in touch with other forum users. As with the last forum we have no rules on your postings, we want it to be a friendly place, so no politics or religion unless it is to do with subjects that relate to wildlife. Please do not use the Forum to make contact about holiday bookings.

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Ii have just looked into the Osprey and I could only see 2 being fed so I went to look on the blog yes it confirmed my fears it had got to close to the edge and got stepped up on so sad never mind the other two will have a better chance to grow into powerful beautiful Osprey. Karen & Jayden Stoke On Trent

Karen if you go onto the Rutland Water Osprey webcam they have actually reared 4 osprey this year ! So sad about the other osprey as I only looked early this morning and it was still alive and being fed ! Such a great shame !

Jenny xxx

Jayden & I have seen all three Osprey chicks feeding a few times it is a glorious sight for sure… Karen & Jayden, Stoke On Trent

I am happy to announce we have to hatched Osprey Chicks just had a lovely close up thank you Locke of Lowes its wonderful…. Karen & Jayden Stoke On Trent

So we have 3 eggs with our Osprey I do hope they all hatch out the weather is bad there its so windy they do have it rough at times bless them. Karen & Jayden Stoke on Trent

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