Found the time to do the Bees today Got some…

October 10, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Found the time to do the Bees today. Got some bad news for the sadistic lot the Bees were so calm that only one came near me. I must admit I was a little wary after getting twelve stings to my right hand and a few on my left I went to the hive with the smoker and extra protection for my hands, but I didn’t need it I am pleased to say. So the Camel wont be needed Pete.

There has been a pair of Little Grebes on the Lake for the past couple of days. They don’t normally visit this time of the year. We see them at the beginning of Spring and late Winter but never stay to nest. I tried a couple of times to catch them on the webcam but only nearly got to see them.

One of this weeks Holiday Guests reckon the saw a Barn Owl in the Barn last night. Some of you may have seen a Tawney Owlet sitting on the wire on webcam three last night, that is why I reckon the sighting of the Barn Owl was right as the same person saw both so he would not have been mistaken.

Back to the new webcam and the enclosure that we are putting up. Not Ostrich, done them, although we may be getting a lot more Emu. Just waiting to be told when I can collect them so I am not counting my chickens before they arrive. And you are not wrong Elaine and Mary, I have trouble keeping Sheep in and they don’t burrow. And a no to Donkeys, pigs of any type, any type of Cows and I wouldn’t punish myself with Sheep, I still haven’t forgot the performance with the Bagot Goats. The holes for the enclosure have now been dug and we will start to make the enclosure tomorrow. Not to long to wait. With a little luck and hard work and we get the enclosure finished we may get our new additions this week, but for sure it will be the week after when Margaret and Marie are here. You will have to be patient. Mind you if it were on the other foot I would be pulling my hair out.