Fritillary butterfly on Sedum at the Edon Project Cornwall Lindsay…

September 29, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

Fritillary butterfly on Sedum at the Edon Project,Cornwall.Lindsay.

These plants were interesting,they were all Fly Traps! Eden Project,Cornwall.Lindsay.

few pictures taken at Copped Hall – Mansion destroyed internally by fire in 1917 but since 1990 been taken over by a Trust to restore it to how it was before the fire….a long job but an amazing transformation even in the short time since 1995 when they started work…. Jill.

Copped Hall front elevation. Jill.

Female statues on summerhouse (carytids) Jill.

The Female Reindeer is still missing. Again she has been seen on the boundary of the Reindeer Field. I thought that I had got away with the radio interview this morning. The arrangement was that I would get a phone call at about 7.45am to go through what the procedure would be. Nearly ten minutes later I had still not got the call so I decided to feed the Reindeer. Just as I had opened the door to leave the phone rang. I nearly didn’t answer it but they have put out info about the lost Female, so I really had to.

At about 11.30pm last night there were deer in the Valley, The first that I have seen for months. There were two Doe and a Kid Roe Deer. I think that it may have been Doe and Kid from last year and this years Kid. The Kid was running and playing. I must admit I was pleased to see them. I should think that there have been more in the Valley over the past months, although we have not seen any of their tracks near were we normally see them. The Cattle that we have had in the Valley have made a lot of muddy areas on the paths so any Deer footprints would have stood out.