From last nights Diary We do intend subject to there…

November 4, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

From last nights Diary. We do intend, subject to there not being any unforeseen circumstances to let you see Bliss and Misty being ridden. We think that next Sunday from about 10am would be a good time. It may not be right on that time. You will know we are going to show them, by a view of the yard in front of the Farm house on both Camera Two and the Puppy Camera.

Bliss and Misty need to be able to ride in control, to be able to do a figure of eight. We need to be doing that by next Sunday, as just a week later they will be on their way to France. We would like to have them trotting by the time they go away. The Trainer will take them on from there. We have not pushed them into do any thing that would not want to do. Just at a very easy slow pace and not more than fifteen minutes at a time. We will need to get them trotting on a head collar next week, that I reckon is going to be fun. When they trot and canter in the their field, they very often give a buck or two. We will need to get them out of that on a head collar and lead rope or they are liable to do it under saddle, and the riding will finish as a Western Rodeo.

As some of you may have seen on Camera Two we have a few Firework displays and parties going off in the area. I must admit that do like a firework party myself. Up to about four years ago we always had a display up the valley with the people living or on Holiday on the Farm. We use to build a large bonfire, get to many fireworks and have a feed and a few or maybe too many drinks, but it was always a goodnight. We really were being selfish. The Horses definitely don’t like the noise. Arnie as big as he is cant stand the bangs. He doesn’t run around mad, but you can see he is concerned. Even when there are shoots in the area he doesn’t like it. We did at one time stable the Horses, but they seemed a lot more restless inside. Now they all stay out on Guy Fawkes night.

The Badgers didn’t worry to much about the fireworks going off. When I fed them tonight there was a lot of bangs going off, it didn’t stop them coming out. The Badger were another reason that we stopped our displays. Their Sett is very near where we use to build our bonfire. If we had changed the place, we would have been near another Sett. Another worry was that a stray firework may have got into our barn with the hay and straw. We are fortunate that our nearest neighbours rarely have fireworks. That could cause us a few problems. Also our village is far enough not to have to worry to much about stray fireworks, and our closest large village would be over a mile away. That is where I am pointing Camera Two this evening. Being in the quite location and valley that we are in, we can still hear the fireworks going off as if they are a lot nearer than they are. Better go and make sure that the Horses and Sheep are all OK.