Going by the Forum none of you managed to see…

November 14, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Going by the Forum, none of you managed to see the DENBURY FARM RUT last night. It as only by luck that I managed to see it. The last thing that I do before going up to bed, is to pan the valley camera, to see if there is anything of interest to be seen in the valley. It was quite late, about 12.10am that I first caught a glance of a Red Deer Stag grazing close to a Hind. I initially thought that it was the Stag that we saw a few weeks back, mind you it could well have been. In the distance I saw a couple of sets of eyes that caused me to pan around more. The Stag without me seeing it must have crossed the stream, and as I was panning he came into view just as he was covering a Hind. A little later I also saw a young Stag trying to mate, unfortunately for him the Hind was having none of it. I managed to see at least ten sets of eyes in the distance, some of them from the wood, I should imagine that there were more that were not facing the IR lamps, so it was a fair sized Herd. By about 12.50pm they had all gone into the woods. I managed to record a bit of it, but the view at the end of the valley was poor, my fault as I had not changed a bulb that had blown months back. My lads have also laid armoured cable in the stream, so that we could put another lamp further down the valley. The Electrician is coming at the weekend to wire it up. In the meantime I put a new bulb in the IR lamp that had blown. I think that the lamp is at the right angle, so if the Red Deer return tonight it should be a better view than I did last night.

I don’t know what time that the Deer came to the valley last night. I usually put the picture in picture on with the valley camera going, whilst watching the television, but since Monday when I fitted a camera up in the barn to try to see what had startled me on Sunday, when I went to get the Badger food, I have been watching that camera. ct and Karen asked about the camera. All that I have seen since watching the camera since Monday, is a Field Mouse last night. One of my Lads saw a Rat this afternoon in the barns doorway. It was not a Rat that I saw, it was either a Stoat or Weasel. I will only put the camera on if I see anything. Believe me its like watching paint dry.

My Duck cam is going to be started this evening. I only got the engine and other bits and pieces today. I had to go and buy another two Mallard decoys as I cut the hole in the decoys before I had got the rudder, and it is in the wrong place. Fortunately they were not very expensive. It is going to take me a couple of weeks to get it on to the water working, then I will have to get a very small wireless day night camera. It is not worth buying the camera until I get the Duck moving on the water.