Here are some photos for the gallery the first two…

May 6, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

Here are some photos for the gallery, the first two are from my backyard feeders and the rest are from my trip to San Diego. Penny Chicago Chicago Chicago.

Sorry not got a lot of time to do a Diary. Our Sheep are being a pain. They are going into our neighbours Field on the other side of the Wood. The Field has been planted with potatoes and the Sheep will eat the new growth. We electric fenced the Field yesterday that stopped the Sheep from going into the Wood but this morning they decided to go into the Valley Field and get into the Wood from there. So we have more fencing to do.

Whilst I was fixing the camera into the egg hatcher I heard a cheep from the incubator. I really didn’t take a lot of notice of it until I heard another. An egg had hatched. I had worked it out that the hatch would be on Friday so it could have been an early Chick and that the others would hatch on Friday, but there was a rush to get the hatcher ready just in case. Just as well for when we checked this morning the hatch was well on its way. We have needed to help three Chicks from the shell and one died. There are four eggs up to now that have not hatched, that may be as the embryo died late in the incubation. There is still a possibility that they will hatch and I will give them a couple of days before we give up on them.

I did not have time to get any info on the Peregrine Falcon webcam.

Attempts were made today to fix the Barn Owl Webcam. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the computer working the webcams. It will be fixed. I will give you more information as soon as I know.