Here at Denbury it has just been like a Autumn…

July 5, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Here at Denbury it has just been like a Autumn day, windy, cold and showery. Don’t like it one bit. It has made clearing up the farm after the flood more miserable. The weather really does need to break so that we can make hay. The way it is going the grass is going to start to rot at the roots. You cant make good hay when it is like that. A lot of potato crops could be in danger of being lost, being under water. The blackberries that have been nearly two months early in flowering have come to nothing, the flowers are dropping, but no fruits are forming at all. Although the hazel nuts are quite large for this time of year.

The lake has gone back to it normal colour, if I get time tomorrow I will see if there is any fish eggs left. I saw the Mallard in the reeds but could not count how many Ducklings she had. The sacks Alex asked about, are full of barley straw. I wrote about them some time back, some of you saw the performance we had putting them in the lake, with one of my Lads in the rowing boat. They were meant to sink with two concrete blocks attached at the bottom. They must have untied, for sure they are not lifted the blocks. The barley straw helps to prevent algae. I think that the lake is now mature enough to control the algae, but I don’t like to take the chance. The flood did bring into the lake a lot of duck weed, I can only hope that does not establish in the lake.

Two of the cottages have dried out really well from the flood water. We managed to get the wet carpets out of those very quickly and put in air mover fans and dehumidifiers. It worked very well and were able to have the new carpets fitted in them today.. The other two are going to need a good few weeks of drying, with the air movers and dehumidifiers, before they can have the carpets laid. One of them was nearly two feet full of water. The kitchen units have swollen with the water and a false wall looks that it may have to be renewed. That will stop the cottage from being used for a good while.

Six ton of new stone has been put onto the cottage car park area. A large amount of the stone that was there, was washed into the stream. Although the load was spread out reasonably well by the tipper lorry, it still had to be levelled out. I like a bit of rain when I am levelling it out, the puddles show you where the holes are. I wouldn’t have been to put out today if it had stayed dry.