Hi everyone as you know Mr Farmer has been very…

July 30, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Hi everyone, as you know Mr Farmer has been very busy, we now have a new look photo page which makes it a lot easier to upload photos. I am helping Mr Farmer while he is busy. Could you please send photos to wildlifetv@yahoo.com for them to be put on the gallery. I will try to update the gallery once or twice a we

Some of you may have noticed that you haven’t seen the 3 black swans on the lake which were released on Monday. When the swans arrived we were reliably told that there wings had been clipped and wouldn’t want doing for a while, but unfortunatly it looks like this isn’t the case as they flew of on Wednesday morning. Mr Farmer is having another black swan delivered on Monday that has had its wings pinioned, this means that the flight feathers wont grow back and this is done when the swans are young. As i am writing this there are 3 Roe deer and 3/4 Red deer in the valley this evening.