Hi Everyone it s Vicky here I am currently on…

March 21, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Hi Everyone it’s Vicky here.

I am currently on holiday at Denbury. Mr Farmer is very busy at the moment and he has asked me if i would mind doing a diary for him, so here goes.

The ewes in the barn have given birth to 4 lambs upto now. The first lamb being Thorntons Nephew, then there are 2 twin boys and the most recent lamb being born this morning which i also believe to be a little boy. We may well have some more lambs in the next few days, i will keep you updated. The ewes in the field should be lambing anytime but no sign of any lambs as yet.

The Canada Geese have now made a nest on the island and when i went down to the lake this afternoon the female was sitting on the nest, so maybe she is sitting on eggs only time will tell.
Also while i was down at the lake the 3 black swans Chased the Gander onto the bank, hopefully this will be a one off as Mr Farmer hasn’t had any trouble before between the geese and the swans.

When sending in photos to Mr Farmer would it be possible to resize them to 640×480 so they can be uploaded straight onto the gallery, this would help Mr Farmer with him being so very busy at the moment.

While i’m at Denbury i will hopefully be taking lots of photos, i already have a few of the new lambs which i will be putting on my Flickr page with many more photos from around the farm.
If any of you would like to pop in and see the photos the web address is:


Hope you’ve enjoyed my diary.