Hi Everyone Vicky here again Can anyone remember Mr Farmer…

April 2, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Hi Everyone Vicky here again.

Can anyone remember Mr Farmer mentioning on the diary that he had a power cut when Julia and Chris were holidaying here at Denbury in February? He thought that he had lost all the fertile Emu eggs that were in the incubator at the time. On the 1st of April one of the eggs hatched to Mr Farmers delight, and we have been looking after the baby Emu, as he/she is the only Emu that has hatched so far he/she was lonley so i bought a teddy bear and he/she now cuddles upto it to sleep. Mr Farmer has named the Emu “Friday” as he/she hatched the day before Good Friday. We don’t know what sex Friday is the only way to tell is by having a blood test. I have put some photos of Friday on my Flickr.


Thank you all for your lovely comments about the diaries i have written while here at Denbury, this will be the last diary while i’m at Denbury this time as i’m off home tomorrow.

Take care all and HAPPY EASTER!!!