Hi Everyone Vicky here again It looks like the canada…

March 30, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Hi Everyone Vicky here again.

It looks like the canada geese have started sitting on the eggs she has laid on the island. They should hatch in approximately 28 days, so we will have to keep reminding Mr Farmer when the 28 days is up which will be around the 26th of April.

Did Anyone see the 11 Red Deer in the valley last night? i definitely saw 2 Stags that were clashing antlers, one of those stags only had one antler, i can only suspect that he is shedding his antlers as they do at this time of the year allowing them to grow new ones for rutting this year. The remainder of the group could possibly of been young males or males that have already lost their antlers, as Red Deer spend most of the year in single-sex groups apart from the rutting season.

Some of you have asked about Rupert the Emu. He is doing very well, his wounds are healing nicely and has got a very good appetite.

There has been no more new lambs born in the barn, but one more new lamb has been born in the field so far this week.

I forgot to mention on the diary on friday that after i had been helping Mr Farmer feed the animals i returned to the cottage and to my suprise i saw a Male Sparrowhawk sitting on the guttering of the barn less than 15 feet in front of me. I took some photo’s, which i have put on my flickr.

Hope you have enjoyed my diary!