Hi Everyone Vicky here again When Mr Farmer went to…

March 26, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

Hi Everyone Vicky here again.

When Mr Farmer went to feed the Emus last week, he did a head count as he always does, he realised that there was one Emu missing. after searching around the farm he found the missing Emu in a different field. The Emu was very ill and couldn’t even stand, he may well of been attacked. Mr Farmer Carried the Emu into the stable where he was fed and nurtured back to health. He is now living in the field with Branston (a horse). Mr Farmer has named him Rupert and he is very friendly taking food from my hand.

On Monday Mr Farmer spared a few minutes to take us around the bottom lake to show us the fish scales which the otter had left. While round the lake Mr Farmer spotted Toads mating, which i have taken some photos of.

On Tuesday Morning we were delighted by the arrival of 3 new lambs. One lamb was born in the barn and is Mr Farmers first little girl this year, she has taking a liking to laying in the food trough. Twins lambs have been born in the field but she keeps taking them into the woods.

Also another suprise were the first two Swallows to arrive back at Denbury.

I have put photos of Rupert, Toads and Lambs on to my flickr.


Hope you have enjoyed my diary!