How do I know that the Geese now looking as…

March 2, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

How do I know that the Geese now looking as if they are going to nest are those from last year. To be honest I could never be a 100% sure, but they look and act as last years Geese do. We have a couple of power lines close to the Lake and nearly all that land on the Lake come in at different angles. These on the Lake fly in as last years nesting pair and they are returning every day without any arguments with the Swans. There were a lot of photographs taken of the nesting Geese by our Holiday Guests. Vicky and her parents are coming again in two weeks time. I know she has some photographs, so we will know for sure. I will let you know.

We are hoping that Minty one of the oldest of our Ewes is not in Lamb this year. We would have stopped her mating if we had got her in earlier, but with Ewy making the Sheep break every time we tried to get them in we were lucky that she is in at all. Minty did struggle with her Lambs last year. Mind you they were extremely good Lambs but they took so much out of her she was struggling to get to her feet and that was with us feeding her a couple o times a day. On most Farms she would have finished up as Mutton, maybe on Robins plate. Fortunately for Minty she is here until her dieing days.

Being that our Sheep are free range we are not sure of the date they will Lamb, but I reckon it should be about Easter time. Most are old hands at Lambing, so I don’t expect to many problems, but you can never tell. With Minty we will have to watch her to make sure that her Lambs (if she has any have) has had her colostrum. If need be we will have to help her.

Thornton has decided to have a night or two in the Farm House. Unfortunately he is deciding after we are in bed is a good time. Unfortunately for him we stay put. He does get annoyed and rams the door a few time before giving in and going back with the Barn with the other Sheep. Trouble is if we let him in he wants something to eat, like a few ginger nuts, so by the time he is settled it is getting on for half an hour later. You can guarantee that as soon as he hears us in the morning he comes for his ginger nuts.

I have stopped collecting the Emu eggs in the hope that some will hatch naturally. Emu are incubated by the Male Emu who sit the eggs for the whole 55 days without eating. There are three sitting at the moment. One I know hasn’t got a chance. One has been sitting for nearly a month and another has just started with just two eggs. When I walked around the Emu Field this evening there were another few Males protecting a couple of eggs each, so who knows we may be lucky.