I am a little disappointed that the Veterinary has not…

May 13, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I am a little disappointed that the Veterinary has not contacted me about Woody. It is a concern, I will get an answer tomorrow, what ever. She has not been as ill as she has been recently, at time she has been very lively.

Unfortunately, for a change the weather forecasters got it right. Mind you, so much rain fell out of the sky today, there is no way they could have missed it. Their satellites and computers must have shown one massive big dense black area of rain, it must have all fell on Somerset.

We let Lady, Woody and the Foal out into the field this morning. The Foal really does need to get out for a little while even when it is raining. The rain is not a problem unless it is cold with it. Young Foals go down very quickly if it is wet and cold. Just after midday we got them in. All three were soaked through. We gave the Foal a rub down to get a lot of the wet off of her. An hour later the skies cleared. We tried to get Bliss and Misty in, to give them a break from the rain. No way were they having that. As soon as they saw the head collars they hot footed it as far away from us that they could get. They have been stabled, for getting on six months. There is no way that they want to be in again. They are staying close to Breeze and Arnie when they are out. Although Arnie did look as if he was going to bully them last evening. If they stand about and let him it will be their own fault. Arnie would have no chance of catching them, so they only have to keep out of his way.

The Geese flew off the lake today, I thought that they may have stayed for a couple of days longer. I should think that they will return tomorrow, only staying for an hour or so. The other pair flew and landed in the Horse field not long after they had left. If they had flown onto the lake instead they may have stayed around for a while, with the lake having no Geese on it.

The Sheep and Lambs are doing really well, I never did manage to catch them all. The flock is split in two, about half up the valley in the field that I prepared for them, the other half free range. They decided to show their faces today, the first time for nearly two weeks. It is a nuisance as I have go looking for them daily to make sure that they are alright. Most times they are easy to find, on others it can take me an hour or more. I will have to get them shorn and tidied up, then off to market they will be going. I may keep the Portland Ewes and one Ram, but that will be the most if I do decide to keep any. Mind you Dolly and her gang are very friendly. I had better shut up, for if I keep on like this, I wont get rid of any of them.