I am not putting any new photographs on today as…

November 28, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I am not putting any new photographs on today as the page at the moment will only allow for ten at a time. Many more will only cause the page to open slowly, when you try to access it. The option would be to reduce the size of the photographs on the page, but I would think that it is better to see the photographs as they are. I will replace some over the next couple of days.

I am still doing the remote control Duck to put on the lake. With going away to France and other work, I have not had a lot of time to be making it. The first one that I started I did wrong, the second one didn’t go to well either. I had put in the engine and steering, on testing it in water, to make sure that there were no leeks, it started to fill up with water. I refitted all the parts again, making sure that it was water tight, but still water poured in. It turned out that I had wasted my time redoing it as the water was coming in some where else, that took me about three seconds to stop. It wont take to much longer to finish getting it motorised. I can the start to fit the camera. That is not going to be that easy. The other problem that I could get is that the parts that I am fitting may be to heavy, causing the Duck to sink. The battery that I have got for the Duck has got to control the electric engine, the camera with IR lamp and the wireless connection. It is very small but quite heavy. I am hoping that the Duck will be able to go for up to half an hour at a time, with every thing working. So the battery is going to be the biggest problem. I made need to fix some shaped buoyancy under the Duck to keep it from sinking. The best material would be cork. Cant imagine were they sell that now. The other option could be another duck in tow, being attached by an umbilical cord between the two, and put the battery in the towed duck. Why did I give myself the problem?

We were woken very early this morning, with what sounded like banging from around the Farm Yard. I went and had a quick look, but there was nothing to be seen. We put it down to Branston knocking into, or knocking down something in the yard. At about lunch time I went into our dining room to find a very sooty Dove. It had obviously fell down the chimney and that was the noise that had woken us earlier on. The chimney is for a very large inglenook fireplace. We put a liner chimney in it when we first moved to Denbury, for a wood burner. We moved the wood burner to a different room but left the liner in, so the dove fell down a very long small pipe. We have had a few smaller birds fall down the chimney, but the Dove was the largest. It made a fair bit of mess for the short time that it was in the dining room.

I have been watching the camera in the small Barn where I saw the Stoat or Weasel a few weeks back. I have seen a few Mice and a couple of Rats, but that is all. I have been recording a lot of footage of the webcams. When I get time I will check the recording and see what I get on it.