I am putting up a Swallow nesting camera in Stable…

April 28, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I am putting up a Swallow nesting camera in Stable Barn/Cottage. It should be working tomorrow. We intended to have this cottage finished by now, but the clown who did some work on the roof, has done it wrong and I am waiting to have it redone. In the mean time at least one pair of Swallows have squatted in the cottage.

They are in the process of building their nest on a live 30 amp electricity junction box. How they came to choose such a place I cannot imagine, as there are a lot more suitable places in the cottage that they could have nested, It is only a foot or so from where a pair nested last year that we had on the web cam. The wire that is either side of the junction box/nest is where the fledglings perched after leaving the nest last year.

The Pied Wagtail has nested in the cooker hood outlet pipe in one of the cottages, I had seen them in the area, although until today I had not seen them go into the hole. I have the lights I need to light up the hole. Tomorrow I will try to see if I will be able to put a camera in a position to be able to see them.

Woody is still very unwell, and still does not show any signs that she is to foal next week.

To my surprise on checking the sheep today, the four Ewes and lambs that had got out of the area that I had electric fenced at the end of the valley, had put themselves back behind the fence. Although I had tried to find them, I had not seen any sign of them for a few days. I still have not managed to catch any more of the Sheep, I will try again on Monday.

The Geese are still sitting on their eggs. Over the past few day the other pair of geese have been returning, landing in the field close to the Farm House, before flying onto the lake to a nag at the sitting tenants, they don’t wait long before flying off. I saw a pair of Moorhens with six chicks, as I was mowing the grass around the lake. Most years a couple of the chicks survive.

Elsie asked, have we any Buzzards on the Farm. We have a pair that nest every year. I did a diary entry on the 29th of March about them. Tass and Ky are doing great. They are the best of friends and don’t stop playing with each other. We will try to get them on camera, down the valley in the next couple of days.

JoAnn from New Jersey asked what signs were there when Lady is to foal. Unfortunately not a lot, but if she is looking behind herself a lot is the one sign I look for, that you are also able see. I also check her udder, and different signs at her rear end, but nothing is for sure.

Any more about the Magpies, superstition and how you react. Those you have put on the forum are interesting. Keep them coming.

Denbury Farms URL got put in the Daily Mail Magazine today, in their Big Brother Goes Wild editorial. I am a little disappointed, it was the meanest of mentions for our comprehensive wildlife site. When someone from the Magazine spoke to me two weeks or so ago, they gave me the impression that the article would have had a lot more in it about The Web Broadcasting wildlife, and about our real time web cams.