I am surprised that the Swallow fledglings have not returned…

June 19, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I am surprised that the Swallow fledglings have not returned to the nest this evening, it could be that it is a little early. it will be unusual for them not to return, as all of the other nest that I have shown, they have return for a week or more. The Adults on the other nest you can see are still incubating the eggs. I don’t believe that it will be too long until the eggs hatch. Once they are I will put a light in the barn of a daytime, so that you can see it better. I don’t want to put the light in to soon in case it disturbs the Birds. Also when the eggs have hatched, I will be able to move the camera to another position in the barn, to where a Dove is nesting. Putting the camera up to watch the new nest was quite difficult. As you may have noticed it is in the apex of the barn roof, bit of an awkward place and very high, not the sort of place that i really want to have to install a camera. As soon as I know for certain that the other nest is not being used, I will change the camera from there, to another nest in that barn.

Karen asked how I got started in doing the web cams. Initially it was to promote our holiday cottages. As it turned out it cost me a lot more money than I had expected it to be, probably any money we made on letting the cottages, was spent on the web cams. When we started about four years ago there where very web cams to be seen. None for wildlife, other than the odd Bird Table and they were updating, some as long as every half an hour. With web cam technology in its infancy, there was very little advice to be found, and it really was a case of hit and miss. The easy option was to have had updating images, but I really cant watch them. If I was to do web cams I wanted them to be 24/7 real-time live. Unless I could have achieve that I would not do them. Eventually I did get it up and running and realised that as we were doing as well as we were, I should try to start the WBC site. It does cost a substantial amount of money to purchase the equipment for the broadcasting. The pan, tilt and zoom cameras, with the controllers and ancillary items cost in the region of