I collected the Meerkats yesterday Three Females and one Male…

October 21, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

I collected the Meerkats yesterday. Three Females and one Male. They are a little nervous in their new home but still managed to eat their first meal. They will soon settle. Their house and enclosure took longer than I had thought it would. The first roof that I made for their house had to be remade as I didn’t believe it would hold the heat that well. Making the new roof put me a day behind, Their enclosure is 6m x 4m filled with 5 tonne of sand. That took a bit of moving. Under the sand is a thick metal mesh base to stop the Meerkats from digging their way out. I did make one mistake that caused a bit of a panic after I had released them in to their new home. Somehow I had missed filling one of the post holes that hold the enclosure up, if I had not realised there was an easy escape for them. The Meerkat house has under floor heating and out side we have a 500 watt security light that comes on when they get close to the light giving out heat for when they want to be outside in the Winter months.

I hope to be able to show the Meerkats on a temporary webcam over the next couple of days, it will only be for a short period as I will be using the cable that supplies the cottages with the webcam feed. I will let you know when I will show them. I hope to have the permanent webcams going within a week or so. There will be an outside camera and anther in their house.

At last I have managed to capture the sheep that went missing with Ewy. Unfortunately Ewy is not with them so I must now assume the worse that old age finally caught up with her and she has died. I only managed to catch the missing sheep as those that were in the field that we fence to keep them in found a way out. As some of the Ewe were in season the rams in the missing group came to mate bringing the others with him I was then able to walk all in to the fenced field that I have now hopefully secured.