I didn t say a lot about Woody in last…

August 18, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I didn’t say a lot about Woody in last night Diary as we could only say what we all ready know about her condition. The Veterinary saw her, but not to treat her. I would say that he was a little surprised that I am prepared to keep her going for the time we have. If I had known that the weather was going to be as bad as it was I would have brought an end to her life before now.

The Veterinary when he scanned Lady, gave us a print of the scan. It is not a promise but I will try to get my webmaster to put it on the website next week. I don’t know how it will turn out, with a bit of luck it maybe OK.

The reason that I don’t leave the Kingfisher branch all day, is that I would think that it would be pretty boring to watch a branch all day in anticipation that the Kingfisher may show its self. I have another camera positioned on the branch, but I am having problems with getting the focus sharp, there may be a problem with the camera, unfortunately I have not had time to change it over.

I also want to put another camera at the back of the Badger Sett, and another lamp down the valley, so that we may be able to see more wildlife down there, of a night time. Again unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day. I have not seen the Buzzards down the valley for a couple of days. I have direct views of all of the cameras, so although you cant see them, I am able to when I am near to the monitor.

We have got the Telescope computer working and the remote control back from the observatory to the farm house. All we want now is some decent weather, and I will set it up. I cant do the alignment until it is dark. Once it is aligned I will be able to get it going. I have a CCTV monitor as my TV, it has a picture in picture facility. With the remote and my wireless computer it will be easy keep an eye on it. The last time we had the telescope going regularly, it was a pain keep on going to make sure that it was tracking properly. I wont mind doing it now with the setup I have. The Moon in in a good position at the moment, hopefully if the weather forecast is correct, it maybe working next week. Once setup we can also get the Solar telescope on the sun going.

The Holiday Cottages have CCTV monitors, so that our guests can see the farms webcams on a larger screens, mainly for watching the Badgers if they don’t fancy using the hide every night. When the sun was out a week or so ago we put the solar telescope on for them. It couldn’t be for to long as I could not control it, but they really enjoyed watching the flares. We have just purchased a couple more Telescopes for our holiday guest, who come in the Autumn and Winter months. With the days being shorter after they have seen the Badgers they will be able to watch the Sky. With all the equipment we have, and the really clear skies that we get at Denbury, it will be a great experience for those people who have never had the opportunity to use a telescope, and for the true Amateur Astronomers who want good unpolluted light conditions.