I finally spoke to Veterinary about Woody this morning The…

May 14, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I finally spoke to Veterinary about Woody this morning. The blood samples taken some weeks ago were looked at again, they showed very little to what is the cause of Woody’s problems. There were small signs of worm infestation, but it would not be uncommon to find that. Our Horses are regularly wormed. The most likely cause of her illness and loss of weight is that she has a cancer of some sort. Unfortunately to pinpoint it is virtually impossible and inoperable if you do find it. Further blood tests could be taken, but other than showing more accurate results on worm infestation they would be of little use. I will re worm her, if that is the problem she would soon gain weight. I wont take any drastic action unless I believe she is suffering. We will see how she goes through the summer before making any final decision.

Elsie on today’s forum brought up the subject of the Badger cull and the findings of a cull in the Republic of Ireland, that ended in 2002. I have not read the report, only what was on News 24. It seems that there may have been an increase in the amount of cattle needing to be slaughtered, in areas that Badgers has been virtually exterminated.

There is so much conflicting evidence on the cause of Bovine TB, that you really don’t know what to believe. Recent evidence suggests that cattle infect Badgers with the disease. Until recently cattle had free movement around the country. Unknown to either the seller or the purchaser, infected Cattle were transported to Bovine TB free area, subsequently incidents of TB were then found in those areas. Now Cattle have to be tested before they are allowed to be moved, since the testing Bovine TB has in most areas dramatically decreased. That must prove something.

My biggest concern is how the NFU is conducting their call for a cull. Farmers do have problems with Badgers. They cause damage to fields and the tunnels of the Badger setts do at times go a good way into a field, this has caused tractors to turn over when they have gone through into the tunnel, when they have driven over them. I believe a couple of farmers have been killed this way. Farmers are not the type of people who on mass run to a union rep. Please Mr Union man get these Badgers culled. They are not that type. It is more like the Union trying to prove that they can make things happen and their representatives positioning themselves by who can get the most done, for future promotions. They have gone so far down the route that they have, that they will never admit that they may have got it wrong.

I am sure those responsible for any decision on a UK cull, will take all the evidence into consideration. Woe betide them if they get it wrong.

I also believe that the Badger Trust has very little foresight. On many occasions I have asked them to give us a link. Surly if more people saw our Badger web cams, the more support they would get. We did get a link when they wanted us to help promote the annual Badger day, that they organise.

Also Elsie, the Badger is mightier than the fox.

Karen and Pat, A massive box, and I mean massive has been in our kitchen for two weeks, with the telescope inside. It has been away for a small repair. It needs three people to get it into the observatory. There maybe three people here tomorrow. It I do get it in, it will still take a little while longer to fit it up for broadcasting.

Sorry who ever asked about the owl cam. Be patient, there may not be an owl cam, although there was one, on one of their sight last year. But there will be other exciting possibilities. One of their Wardens, who inspects areas near the farm is coming when next in the area to see me, It wont be long. You will be surprised.

The Geese flew back onto the lake this morning. They stayed for a while. I don’t know if they ever have a second clutch of eggs. What ever we do have a couple of things in mind to try to stop the Gosling from being taken.