I found the nesting site of the Kingfisher today I…

July 25, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

I found the nesting site of the Kingfisher today, I went to the lake to try to get the focus adjusted on the fixed camera that I want to put on the branch that it lands on. As I was trying to adjust the camera, the Kingfisher flew right in front of me, into the area behind the feeders. After one of the holiday quests had told me that he had seen it fly into that area I was hopeful that it was the area of the nesting site. I stood very quietly in between trees in a very small copse, that that surrounds a spring fed pool. It wasn’t long before the metallic blue and orange flash past in front of my eyes, far to fast for me to follow where it had gone. After directing my eyes in various positions around the pool area, I finally saw it fly into a leafy area on a bank, to the back of the pool into a small hole. I watched for another five minutes or so and left so as not to disturb them when I saw one of the Kingfishers leave, for I had been told some while back that Kingfishers will abandon their nests, even with chicks in it, if they feel in danger. Today was only the forth time in fourteen years that I have seen the Kingfishers at Denbury. I see that most of you who have told on the forum, that it is the first Kingfisher that you have seen. We have been the first on a number of occasions of showing different wildlife. Are we the first with the Kingfisher?

Someone mentioned on the forum how big they thought Willow the foal was getting. Who ever you were, you weren’t wrong. I reckon that she is the biggest foal we have had for her age, with it has comes independence. Most of the time she hangs out with the two Fillies. When the Horses are let in of a morning and evening for their feed, we let the Fillies in with Breeze and Arnie. Willow tries to go with the Fillies into their stable area, and what a performance it is to get her to go with Lady for her feed. I am watching Bliss and Misty on the web cams grooming with each other as I am writing tonight diary. Hold on bliss has had enough of that. Both of the Fillies have had a growth spurts and are now nearly as big as Breeze who is 14.2hh. They are going to be getting on for 16hh when fully grown. The best part of all the youngsters is that they are kind. Although Misty has her moments with Bliss. I don’t know if any of you remembered a Colt foal a couple of years back that we showed the birth of on the web cams. From nearly the moment he was born, he was a kicker. We needed to watch what ever we were doing with him. I got a few kicks from him when I pushed him slightly to move him on. Within a days of being born, when I tried to help him find his mothers udder he let one go. You don’t get many like it, mind you, you wouldn’t want many either.