I had quite a panic with the Meerkats late yesterday…

October 29, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

I had quite a panic with the Meerkats late yesterday afternoon. I lifted the roof of their house to put their evening feed in and the only one in the House was Bitsy the other three females were nowhere to be seen. I could not believe my eyes and needed to take a second look. The three females had escaped and were nowhere to be seen in the enclosure. I went outside and checked the outside of the enclosure and there was a hole where the Meerkats had burrowed to make their escape.

After a short while one was seen by our Holiday Guests and after a short chase I managed ti net it in tone of the Turkey enclosures. As I had no way of keeping it in it finally managed to jump out of the net. Another of the females was seen in in the Driveway of the Farm about a hundred metres from its home. When it saw those that had seen it it ran into the Emu enclosure and was chased by the Emu into the Woods a lot further away. On my return to the enclosure area one was seen by the hole they had burrowed out of and it had gone back in. I realised but more with hope that they would all return to their enclosure as it was starting to get dark. After nearly two hours of panic and a lot of help from our Holiday Guests and their Children all of the Meerkats were back in their home just before it got dark. I blocked up the entrance of their house to make sure that they would not be able to escape until I had made safe the enclosure to stop any more escaping. I finished the work this morning. A very small void to one side and the back of the Meerkat house was large enough to allow the escape and was concreted so we should not get that problem again. The intention was to get the webcam working today. I managed to get it nearly finished and it should be working by Sunday.

I must admit I was sure I would not see the Meerkats after their escape and feel very fortunate that they returned after such a short time that they have been in their new home.